Clarion 7 Release Notes

The last release for Clarion 7 was in April 2011. See below for the various release notes that I can still find. There are quite a few missing. If you happen to have any copies lying around please contribute. These list can be very helpful for finding reasons for changes in behaviour when upgrading applications from one version to the next. Not to mention the historical interest!

Release Notes: C7.3.8222


CHANGE: “Refresh Embed Tree” options in the Application Options have been deprecated
CHANGE: added cleanup of the status message after the Solution is refreshed from a generation cycle

FIX: The Foreign Key and Public Key text does not switch when loading an existing Many:1 relationship
FIX: Building PWEE information upon invoking plain embed editor caused showing of “filled” icon for some unfilled nodes in the Embed Tree
FIX: Calling CREATE(file) for an MSSQL 2008 file that had a timestamp structure would fail
FIX: Closing an MDI child window could activate an unexpected other MDI window
FIX: DCT editor: The Control for a field was reset to the default (or last saved state) when you selected the control tab
FIX: Definition of ShellExec in did not allow for optional (NULL) parameters
FIX: Drivers: could not issue a BUILD statement after a COMMIT statement without first closing the file
FIX: Initial values of string-type variables could be written to TXA file incorrectly if padded with ‘<0>’ (for CSTRING) or space (for STRING and PSTRING)
FIX: PWEE temporary file is now unique per process
FIX: Possible GPF when going to edit error in the embeditor
FIX: Programs would sometimes crash if logging was enabled for views
FIX: Some parts of the IDE where looking for ClaHelp.hlp instead of C70Help.hlp
FIX: Templates without any #Prompt could case a runtime error dialog
FIX: UE If the line that the error points at in the error pad was removed and click on the error
FIX: typo in version number check in ADO templates
Fix: Definition of ShellExec in did not allow for optional (NULL) parameters
Fix: Programs would sometimes crash if logging was enabled for views

PTSS 37717: Data Pad is empty
PTSS 37748: When looking at a Many:1 relationship the foreign key is labeled as Primary Key and the foreign key is labeled Foreign Key
PTSS 37792: PWEE file needs a temporary name
PTSS 37814: Cannot Save File

FEATURE: When the WINDOW/APPLICATION Structure has a width or height larger than the current screen resolution Designer will inform the user and keep the values until the W/H is changed by the developer by resizing the window or editing the property value in the property grid.
FEATURE: Add Cladbne.exe to the system. This is a non-manifest linked debugger.
FEATURE: Show message with the column name whose options are failing in the parsing
WORKAROUND: Windows can calculate size of window’s client area incorrectly if that window has menubar and the menubar has been changed while window is invisible

Release Notes: C7.3.7995


FIX: Regression (introduced in .7889), edit of errors in embed editor caused the IDE to hang when refreshing

Release Notes: C7.3.7989

FIX: Drawing of themed CHECK/RADIO controls centered the text
FIX: Icons set to an IMAGE control by property assignment were always displayed in default size
FIX: Parameters of the program invoked by RUN/#RUN could be ignored
FIX: Possible exception on reading TXAs with wrong values of the INITIAL attribute of variable declaration
FIX: Setting variable’s initial value to empty could make this variable’s data inconsistent
FIX: Sometimes pasting code into a new embed could cause an unhandled exception
FIX: TXA export of the INITIAL attribute must be a quoted string
FIX: The modified audit timestamp for a dictionary was not always updated
FIX: UNC name of programs on a local mapped drive could be processed incorrectly
FIX: Windows 7 is painting a background around themed push buttons
FIX: Formula Editor will duplicate formula class types in the list control when entered more than once

IMPROVEMENT: Allow TRUE and FALSE equates as initial values for numeric variables

PTSS 37426: Pasting (CTRL+V)
PTSS 37470: #RUN fails to use parameters
PTSS 37481: Export to TXA causes exception
PTSS 37607: Exporting this app crashes IDE
PTSS 37614: Auto Binary Export fails if path name has spaces
PTSS 37656: ClassItem has no instance after adding new table to dictionary

Release Notes: C7.3.7949


CHANGE: Application TXA Export execution now waits until the file has completed generation to finish
CHANGE: Application TXA Export now generates an intermediate tmp file that after completely generated is renamed with the target name
CHANGE: Auto Export Binary to text now executes on the open application
CHANGE: Avoid repeated calls to refresh the IDE statusbar with the same message.
CHANGE: Report PreviewWindow WINDOW: Make buttons flat and resized the toolbar, added FEQs to some items
CHANGE: Request to widen the ZOOM drop list

FIX: An exception was sometimes thrown on terminating the IDE if you closed the IDE after closing an app and you had auto-export of app to text enabled for that app
FIX: AppGen could crash when doing an automated export of the app to text and at the same time trying to open an app
FIX: Having AutoExport on an application could GPF on closing the app
FIX: IPServer.TPL had wrong #Project for IPDCTxx.lib
FIX: RW: problem related to accessing TOPSPEED files via ODBC
FIX: RW: path to superfile TPS files wasn’t processed correctly
FIX: Tab Order Assistant was not resizing properly and not always showing the scrollbars
FIX: Edit File using alternate red file did not work if the version was set to a version other than current
FIX: Title bar was not always being updated

PTSS 34061: Error(2) File not Found error using wizard on Vista and Win7
PTSS 34353: RW: Tabular Wizard overlaps controls
PTSS 34639 problem using expressions that require use either functions that take no parameters (built-in or external) - not reproduced
PTSS 34670: Columns that contain underscore in DCT is populated on report with double quotes
PTSS 34688: TXR Conversion loses Runtime Filter - see Filter in File Schemantic dialog
PTSS 34769: Unhelpful Error messages on TXR conversion
PTSS 34866 “Select File” list to add a table to the schematic is not in alpha order
PTSS 34875: Can the File Schematic window be sorted?
PTSS 35052: TXR Conversion - Paper Size, Currency, Formula error
PTSS 35055: Performance Issues in RW7 using tps files - loosing of filter - fixed.
PTSS 35515: C6 TXR with path of an image that does not exist on computer will not convert to the c7 library
PTSS 35844: RW: does not present Binary Image data from a Binary Memo
PTSS 35845: TXR conversion loses Sort Order - see Order in File Schemantic dialog
PTSS 36236: In Edit Path dialogue, Store As Relative does not seem to be working - not reproduced
PTSS 36507: RW: Toolbar Settings and Customisation doesn’t work
PTSS 36665: converting txr incorrect bandtype
PTSS 36743: Please make ZOOM Pull down wider
PTSS 36744: Report Writer does not find file in single TABLE in a .tps FILE containing multiple tables
PTSS 37284: Script not working on calculated field
PTSS 37381: Version Resource FILEVERSION not working (cascading) properly
PTSS 37464: Wrong parsing of procedure parameter prototypes when using CONST
PTSS 37495: GPF and AppCrash in IDE C73
PTSS 37522: svSpecialFolder compiler error
PTSS 37528: Problem entering default icon when full path was specified (ABC/Clarion)

Release Notes: C7.3.7900

In Version 7.3 the naming convention used for Clarion DLLs and LIBs is no longer version specific.
Now in 7.3 we use a prefix of “CLA” for all of our binaries.
This post explains more details:

All of your .EXEs and .DLLs must be rebuilt. You need to obtain updates for all of your 3rd party vendor .DLLs


CHANGE: Change to text on buttons on UE dialog
CHANGE: Dll and Exe startup code is no longer tied to the product version for 7.3 and later
CHANGE: Prefixes for core dlls are now represented in a version number independent form: “Cla”
CHANGE: The dictionary editor now detects and removes corrupt key components and corrupt relationships
CHANGE: Use the ‘MS Shell Dlg’ font in message boxes
CHANGE: some shared template functions moved to new CommonUtils.tpw
CHANGE: update Templates to use the “Cla” prefix instead of the “C70” prefix

FEATURE: “Expand All” and “Contract All” buttons in AppTree’s “toolbar”
FEATURE: Ctrl-Left contracts all nodes and Ctrl-Right expands all nodes in all AppGen’s trees (if focus is on the tree)

FIX: ?A{PROP:Folllows} = ?B if ?B is a GROUP, OPTION, TAB or SHEET control could work incorrectly
FIX: Alpha characters mapped to code in the range of 128-191 in string literals were translated to Unicode (in managed strings) incorrectly.
FIX: An exception was thrown if you tried to edit a predefined option
FIX: Apostrophes in string literals could be duplicated after “exit with save” from the Window/Report designer
FIX: Auto Number was not displayed if you specified “Display Other Key Attributes” in the Dictionary Editor Options
FIX: Back-space behavior was incorrect if typing mode was OVR
FIX: Call to RUN for a program on the network drive could fail
FIX: Calling SQLColAttribute(SQL_DESC_CONCISE_TYPE) for the ODBC interface to TPS files would return the wrong value for non-integer columns
FIX: Characters given by their numeric codes within angle brackets in string literals could be parsed by designers incorrectly
FIX: Clarioncl -ag of a .sln file would not generate the first app file in the solution
FIX: Closing a window could drop its thread into infinite loop
FIX: Command line passed to RUN could be parsed incorrectly if it includes parameters and the first parameter has double-quote characters
FIX: Could not edit the registry for an older v7 edition with Clarion 7.3
FIX: DCT: Changing Characters, Places or Dimensions and then pressing Enter did not save the changes unless you first pressed Tab
FIX: DCT: You could not change the value of a boolean option to False
FIX: Disabled ENTRY placed on a TAB might not be drawn opon that TAB activating
FIX: Disabled prompts could be drawn with incorrect background
FIX: Displaying of columns’ right borders in LISTs
FIX: FORMAT and UNFORMAT could return incorrect value if picture is passed as a string or expression
FIX: Flat BUTTONs/RADIOs/CHECKs placed on the toolbar could be painted incorrectly under Vista and W7
FIX: GetLastError is incorrect after SHFileOperation
FIX: Global variables declared in the dictionary displayed in the Expression Editor without prefixes
FIX: Go to Procedure Properties page on pressing Window or Report button in App Tree if WINDOW/REPORT has errors or the selection dialog for a new structure is canceled
FIX: Huge themed POPUP menus could be wrapped to screen incorrectly
FIX: Icons on Procedure Views buttons might not updated after closing the Procedure Properties dialog
FIX: If content of ENTRY control is wider than the control, it could be displayed incorrectly before gaining the focus for the first time
FIX: If listbox’s source or FORMAT string was changed in response to pressing VCR buttons, capture released incorrectly
FIX: If the App Tree is in Modified View mode, the tree could be not refreshed after returning from the procedure Edit
FIX: Incorrect calculation of minor production version
FIX: Initial values of string-like variables could be read from/write to TXA/TXD files incorrectly if they contain <0> characters
FIX: Listbox could be redrawn incorrectly after changing 3D appearance
FIX: Menu could be not found in the hash table by handle
FIX: Popup menu invoked by a themed program for the first time could use non-themed metrics for items
FIX: Possible duplicate symbol error if 2 or more drivers are linked into EXE/DLL in local link mode
FIX: Possible failure if CREATEd items are adding to menubar before its first time drawing
FIX: Possible exception on reading APP if name of base variable is misspelled or if APP has no dictionary
FIX: Q modifier in the list FORMAT string could be parsed by the WINDOW/REPORT/LIST designer incorrectly
FIX: Query to save dialog could be displayed for read-only applications
FIX: RUN caused exception if program name is in UNC form and the share name contains spaces
FIX: RUN could fail for programs located on network drives
FIX: Reading of a global variable from the dictionary derived from another dct’s global variable can cause exception
FIX: Repeated calls to MATCH/REGULAR with malformed regular expression could cause a run-time exception
FIX: Right border of the last/only column of region could be scrolled on scrolling of region
FIX: Settings for the commands GROUP on the APP Tree on changing the current procedure violated rules for deferred moving
FIX: Some symbols dependent from dictionary evaluated as empty strings
FIX: Tab Order Assistant could not display the vertical scroll bar when docked on the right side of the IDE
FIX: Template Prototypes with default parameter values of STRING type could be processed incorrectly
FIX: Template Prototypes with parameters of multi-dimensional array type were processed incorrectly
FIX: Template Prototypes with extra spaces could be processed incorrectly
FIX: The Always and Never options were ignored when asked if you want to load the conversion program
FIX: The AppGen did not report errors on declaration of sections with duplicate names
FIX: The Derived from list was not sorted based on the dictionary options
FIX: The VALUE attribute of CHECK controls could be not passed to the C7 application during conversion from previous version’s application
FIX: The WHERE condition on #RESTRICT statement in #CODE templates could be evaluated incorrectly
FIX: The Window Previewer did not work if there was an IMAGE control with a second component of the USE attribute
FIX: The compiler reported an error if the @D picture token had the intellidate part
FIX: The debugger would use the wrong default redirection file if you debugged a project that used a different C7 version
FIX: The horizontal scrollbar created if LIST has the HSCROLL or HVSCROLL attribute is meaningess for single-column lists; use the S(n) modifier in the FORMAT string instead
FIX: The window previewer could not display a list that used a string rather than a queue as it’s USE and had styles
FIX: Typing in the ENTRY control with DECIMAL alignment could cause some unexpected behavior (position of caret, displaying of the value)
FIX: Value could be displayed incorrectly in ENTRY controls with the @N picture if some some digits must replace grouping characters
FIX: You could not change the file driver of a just copied file without first closing and reopening the dictionary
FIX: You could not create a labeled item in the dictionary editor that started with a non-Latin character (for example the character ü).
FIX: You could not build an older C7 edition within Clarion 7.3
FIX: You could add a field into a global group in the dictionary from the data pad.
FIX: You could not open a file in the debugger that was not accessible via the redirection file if that file was in a directory that was more than 80 characters long
FIX: set displayed template version to 7.3
FIX: Themed transparent CHECK/RADIO controls placed on the toolbar are disappearing when becoming hot

IMPROVEMENT: RUN() Allow spaces in program’s/document’s path (BUT not in the name!)
IMPROVEMENT: Support for setting of CSIDL folder locations in DLLs
IMPROVEMENT: Less chances of unexpected caption bar menu items appearing on closing a MDI child window
IMPROVEMENT: Use second chance exception to break the debuggee

PTSS 33833: Variable declarion problem in Turkish
PTSS 35365: generate conversion program - Always Load option is ignored
PTSS 35697: Right Border for fields in ListBox shows
PTSS 36021: The window previewer could not display this window
PTSS 36226: RUN fails if path is a network resource
PTSS 36305: compiler error with intellidate picture
PTSS 36360: Dropdown Listbox does not allow ’ in it - Clarion 6 does
PTSS 36572: Follow to TPSFIX PTS 36389 (not all cosmetic issues fixed)
PTSS 36731: ClarionCL.exe does not work correctly with /ag switch
PTSS 36793: Button flicker in AppGen
PTSS 36794: Update icon on APPTREE
PTSS 36794: Update icon on APPTREE
PTSS 36810: Recovery does not work
PTSS 36899: COLOR selection in List Box Formatter hides base window (fixed in latest build)
PTSS 36917: Miscellaneous ListBox Formatter Issues
PTSS 36920: Actions, Window & Report buttons stop working
PTSS 36936: App tree - horiz scroll bar not working
PTSS 36939: Pre and Post Build issue
PTSS 36962: Unable to preview attached window structure
PTSS 36963: Disabled PROMPTs are displayed incorrectly
PTSS 36986: Some list boxes have invalid format after the conversion C6.3->C7.2.
PTSS 36987: REMOVE() function not working correctly
PTSS 37011: GPF on right click
PTSS 37028: Numbers disappear while entering in entry field
PTSS 37037: PTSS #37027 still not working… {PROP:FOLLOWS}
PTSS 37041: Gpf using queue(someotherqueue),static
PTSS 37047: Dissappearing Frame Menu on Maximize/Restore sequence when MDI Child is maximized
PTSS 37081: Report designer changes characters entered in Job name
PTSS 37098: Expression editor does not show prefixes of Global DCT Tables
PTSS 37099: Checkboxes on a toolbar appear black when set to true
PTSS 37118: Read Only apps prompt to save
PTSS 37121: Right column line in LIST moves with scroll action.
PTSS 37130: PROP:Color on REGION not working properly
PTSS 37137: Checkbox VALUE(‘X’,’’) conversion error
PTSS 37142: Global data gets read-only, no way to undo it.
PTSS 37181: Not updating last modified date
PTSS 37187: Window Preview - doesn’t display
PTSS 37195: POPUP menu items lost
PTSS 37198: Disabled Entry Loses Text
PTSS 37201: Problems with seeing static classes in Debugger
PTSS 37236: Loosing the File-Browsing List Box files
PTSS 37237: Dictionary Global User Options not updating
PTSS 37261: Unable to change driver on copied table
PTSS 37273: Failure on #RESTRICT in #CODE Template
PTSS 37287: ClarionRTL Gpf while drawing menu’s in various scenarios
PTSS 37297: CSTRINGs with initial values are getting their lengths changed
PTSS 37319: Large Numeric Pictures are not handled correctly
PTSS 37330: Changing Data Length using ENTER Key alone does not update value
PTSS 37351: RUN pops up message when file is not found
PTSS 37355: Left mouse button lockup
PTSS 37365: Window Hangs on open
PTSS 37374: Broken visual appearance of buttons with height less then 11 units
PTSS 37398: Match given certain regex patterns can cause an Exception
PTSS 37421: Template Prototype <> Parameters error but strings are identical
PTSS 37429: Hidden menu items now flow down into submenu items when querying the {prop:hide} attrbute
PTSS 37438: Transparent Controls disappear in toolbar (in Executable)

WORKAROUND: Do not allow generation to fail on malformed relations in the dictionary
WORKAROUND: Windows paints semi-transparent area around themed button incorrectly in response to the WM_PRINT message if height of button less than 18 pixels
WORKAROUND: Call to UpdateWindow API function for a MDI frame window can cause incorrect painting of MDI child windows running in their own threads

      Change log for release of build 9059.

      Note that in the text below that "PTS" indicates the reference
      number of a problem reported in the online Problem Tracker
      Support System (PTSS).

      To enter the Problem Tracker Support System please login at:

      Your Login information is:

      User ID: (email address on record with us) Password:  C6 SN#

      9059 Build Notes:

      Fixes since first pre-release

FIX: PTSS #12379 (blob problem)
FIX: problem found with Drop combo control
FIX: problem found with Prop:Create / Picture length could not be reset

      Fixes, Changes and Features

FEATURE: XMLGenerator supports multiple RootTags
FEATURE: XMLGenerator new method SetRootTagAttributes and AddRootTagAttributes
FEATURE: RTF control: support of links in the RTF text
FEATURE: added Squared option to Tab Style
FEATURE: LinkPressed(STRING LinkText) method implemented in the RTFControlClass
FEATURE: ABC/Clarion Added message if the XP Menu was enable but the menu does not have a USE
FEATURE: The ODBC import now supports backends that support the ODBC 3.5 data type SQL_GUID
FEATURE: The ODBC based drivers now detect GUID fields being used in filters for browses and will convert binary string constants into GUID string constants
FEATURE: Added new listbox property: PROPLIST:OldTreeColor.
If set to a TRUE value (the default for C6 RTL),
the background of the tree and icon area of treebox is set to the Listbox’s normal background.
If the property has a FALSE value, the background of the tree and icon area of treebox is set to row
or field (depending on the format string) normal background. (as it is in 9058)

CHANGE: Debugger: Use PIDs and TIDs as keys to process and thread information where it is possible
CHANGE: Debugger: Use Ctrl+\ key to toggle output of debugger’s trace
CHANGE: Debugger:More reliable way to call SetForegroundWindow without freezing the GUI
CHANGE: ReportAttributeManager.SetHideControls now only change width and height if PROP:THOUS is false
CHANGE: XMLGenerator is not enforcing the version number
CHANGE: XMLGenerator Only add version info if it exists
CHANGE: XPManifest to work on Vista
CHANGE: compiler - sync fixes/changes with C7
CHANGE: sync from C7: More strict calculating of areas occupied by drop-box’s parts
CHANGE: sync with C7: show values referenced by &DECIMAL and &PDECIMAL variables in the debugger

FIX: Possible GPF on change of PROP:LineHeight for dynamically created controls of CREATE:DropList and CREATE:DropCombo types
FIX: from (PTSS 30312): Transparent listbox ignored explicitly specified background colors
FIX: (All SQL-based drivers): Doing an autoincrementing ADD after issuing a PROP:SQL = SELECT … would sometimes change the values in the non-auto incremented fields.
FIX: Compiler: FIX: Checking for the end of OMIT-block could be not done under some conditions during repetitive reading of the source/include file
FIX: Correct the handling of names of temporary image files (abwmfpar.clw)
FIX: Debugger: Instance of threaded queue is not shown in the debugger in the Stack Trace window
FIX: Debugger: Avoid troubles with simultaneous debug events on a multi-core CPU or multi-CPU systems
FIX: Debugger may fail if the Watch window is showing an entry from unloaded DLL
FIX: Debugger: Simultaneous debug events in 2 or more threads might remain some breakpoints suspended
FIX: Extra EVENT:SELECTED and EVENT:SELECTING might be posted/executed when window gained the focus
FIX: If rightmost visible field of listbox is resizeable, the part of bar for regions scrollbars was remaining undrawn
FIX: Incorrect parameter of #PROJECT - Standard.tpw
FIX: LIST control: Tree lines might be not drawn when needed
FIX: Memory leaks in AbBreak.clw
FIX: More accurate hiding/unhiding and disabling/enabling of menu items
FIX: Previous method of text’s length adjusting made the manifest invalid if it had the UTF-8 signature
FIX: PROP:SQL against a view would sometimes not work if you passed a string as an input parameter
FIX: RTL: Entire control must be redrawn on hiding/unhiding
FIX: SortHeader was not accepting ! in the INI file name
FIX: The %F macro was not correctly expanded when issuing a delete command if you where working with a version control system that has no checkout (eg Subversion)
FIX: The SQL drivers would some times get stuck in an infinite loop when manipulating large blobs
FIX: TopSpeed ODBC miscellaneous fixes
FIX: TopSpeed ODBC: ulong fields with values greater than 0x7ffffff where returned as 0x80000000
FIX: TopSpeed ODBC: If you tried to use a String function that took more than one parameter you would get an ISAM error
FIX: Wrong entries were generated in the embed tree for MENUs in MENUBARs (Standard.tpw)
FIX: sync from C7:Incorrect setting of current record and first visible record if LIST box has tree and current record was in contracted block
FIX: sync from C7: Suppress extra redrawing of listbox on its initial loading
FIX: Importing from SQL backends would fail if the server returned details for a key whos components where not columns of the table (ie hidden system columns)
FIX: Activation of and navigation in the system menu of minimized MDI child window from keyboard not worked
FIX: WFIELD.TPW Two BOXED attributes could be generated for OPTION controls
FIX: REGET(key);REGET(key) would fail with ODBC based drivers with some backends if a key component was binary data
WORKAROUND: RichEdit 4.1 implements handles the EM_REPLACESEL message incorrectly

IMPROVEMENT: Debugger:Preview strings pointed by pointers of char * type
IMPROVEMENT: Put debugger window to foreground without locking the GUI
IMPROVEMENT: Preview strings pointed by pointers of char * type

PTSS 10089: Problem with the “E” button on the General Tab of the Process template (Clarion Chain)
PTSS 10811: Print Engine would halt the program if a file could not be found rather than just erroring out
PTSS 11095: Browse SortHeader problem in BRWEXT.CLW
PTSS 11095: SortHeaderClassType.SetSortOrder was using property and not paramter
PTSS 11136: Output Report Generator leaves graphics in temporal folder
PTSS 11136: Remove temporary image files as well as report WMFs they are related to unless PROP:TempNameFunc is used to define custom names for WMFs
PTSS 11567: FIX: SortHeader was not accepting ! in the INI file name
PTSS 11679: Flicker on browse windows due to resize
PTSS 11682: Clarion Resizer template priorities cause slow redrawing.
PTSS 12102: If tree listbox has the COLUMN attribute and some rows are contracted, selecting a row by mouse click could work incorrectly
PTSS 12102: List box malfunctions when COLUMN attribute present
PTSS 12134: Cannot link an EXE in local mode if HTML Help extension is included
PTSS 12135: Getting of all the text from the RTF control fails if installed RichEdit DLL has version 4.0+
PTSS 12135: RTF method GetText( text, [StartPos], [EndPos] )
PTSS 12137: Disable menu does not disable hotkeys
PTSS 12208: HIDE(?TextControl) does not work correctly
PTSS 12236: RESTORESTATE could crash when restoring the state of a file with a BLOB when the BLOB was empty
PTSS 12272: DUPLICATE could fail sometimes with SQL drivers
PTSS 31218: Calling a stored procedure using a file that has not been opened GPFs