Clarion 9.1 update .11313

/— Clarion 9.1 update .11313 — October 17, 2014 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

Note: If this is your first time working with 9.1, the 9.1 release requires a one-time rebuild of all your Binaries (DLL and LIB).
You also need to download the 9.1 versions of any 3rd party addons that you use.


FIX: ClarionCl did not use the redirection file in the current directory
FIX: Editing a variable as text from the data pad would add an extra space to the initial value of a string field that has an initial value
FIX: Editing a variable as text from the data pad would add extra quotes around the external name
FIX: IMAGE controls on a Report were always drawn in stretched mode
FIX: If you edited variables using the simple text editor from the data pad, then any information set on the variable that was not displayed in the simple editor was lost
FIX: Miscellaneous errors in the Report previewer
FIX: Overflow to split printed page/record had an incorrect Y coordinate
FIX: Possible exception on dragging the column’s right border in LIST controls
FIX: Scrolling position could be limited to 16 bits
FIX: Setting a predefined boolean option to true changed the option from predefined to boolean
FIX: Settings in the project file could get out of sync with those stored in the app file
FIX: The Synchronizer wizard sometimes miscalculated the width of the list of tables that can be selected to synchronize (or import)
FIX: The template symbol %FilePrimaryKey did not work for aliases
FIX: You could not select an alias as a related file in the data pad
PTSS 40963: Import from MSSQL Does not work
PTSS 41050: Broken: variable height TEXT control (RESIZE)
PTSS 41052: Edit Global/Local data as text causes errors
PTSS 41071: App and Project settings can get out of sync
PTSS 41083: Unexpected results when scrolling “queue filled” list controls with > 65,535 records
PTSS 41097: All images in reports are STRETCHED regardless of ImageMode setting
PTSS 41106: Alias Relationships dissapear
PTSS 41113: Localdata useroption
PTSS 41117: Select base type browse needs a tidy up
PTSS 41115: Resizeable Table Import Wizard screen