Clarion 9.1 update .11375

/— Clarion 9.1 update .11375 — November 14, 2014 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

Note: If this is your first time working with 9.1, the 9.1 release requires a one-time rebuild of all your Binaries (DLL and LIB).
You also need to download the 9.1 versions of any 3rd party addons that you use.


FIX: Base64FileMgr for encoding files in email attachments was not padding the encoded string correctly 
FIX: Deleting a #CODE template from the embed tree could cause a recursive call to its destructor
FIX: Deleting an orphaned embed response did not remove nodes from the orphan sub-tree 
FIX: Exception was thrown on exit from the Procedure dialog if PWEE data was built and there are filled embeds generated in more than one code slot
FIX: If you pasted a field from one file into another, the dictionary editor did not validate that the pasted field's data type was valid for the destination file driver
FIX: Import of an SQL table with very short (1 or 2 character) column names could cause the IDE to crash
FIX: PDF output: Invalid index used in some fonts metrics
FIX: Possible exception after canceling from a new embed all the way back to the Procedure tree
FIX: Possible memory leaks in successful calls to INLIST
FIX: Running multiple copies of Clarioncl at the same time would cause random crashes
FIX: The Message that shows errors in the .xlog was not storing the full correct text
FIX: The conversion program generated by the dictionary editor did not correctly handle fields within groups
FIX: The conversion program generated by the dictionary editor did not process dimensioned fields
FIX: The conversion program generated by the dictionary editor did not properly account for variables in the file declaration
FIX: Topscan: On a Delete operation the record prior to the deleted record was output: skipped upon refreshing the List display so it seemed to also be "deleted" but it was not
FIX: UE when trying to add a class in the data pad
FEATURE: Added SetFullPad method to set force the full padding with = if it is needed
FEATURE: Clarion chain: Added Embed point after totalling column(s) in a browse list
FEATURE: When a message is displayed from Appgen now it allows to copy the message text (ie: Exceptions, errors, etc.)
FEATURE: The Tab Order Assistant can be now opened from the Designer Toolbar
PTSS 41008: More conversion code generation issues 
PTSS 41059: Needed embed point 
PTSS 41130: MIME error Sending PDF attachment via SMTP 
PTSS 41138: Unhandled exception when try to add a class in the data pad 
PTSS 41169: Error PDF generation when using Calibri in ABPRPDF.CLW