Clarion 9.1 update .11457

/--- Clarion 9.1 update .11457 --- Decmber 19, 2014 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features--/

Note: If this is your first time working with 9.1, the 9.1 release requires a one-time rebuild of all your Binaries (DLL and LIB).
You also need to download the 9.1 versions of any 3rd party addons that you use.


CHANGE: CalendarButton control template now generates the PARENT call on the virtual methods
FIX: %FileLastModified did not display the date part
FIX: Edits made to global data would not be saved if you had more than one app open and you had switched between apps
FIX: Dockable toolbox became hidden after undocking
FIX: Docked dockable toolbox could not be dragged
FIX: Memory leaks in AppGen
FIX: PDF Output, images added in the FORM of a REPORT were not output correctly based on the position
FIX: Some controls were clipped on the File Option Dialog
FIX: The IDE would try and save .sln and .cwproj files more often than necessary, thus causing problems with version control systems
FIX: When a Table has a column named the same as the table and an Alias of that table is used in the same procedure as the parent table the Data Pad could fail to display the Alias table
PTSS 41027: Requires project and solution to be writable 
PTSS 41103: File Options Dialog has controls that are clipped 
PTSS 41119: Issue with copy/paste global app data 
PTSS 41187: Data\Tables PAD not showing is Alias is in OtherFiles 
PTSS 41190: Image in report not printing. 


PTSS 41181: Time pictures stopped working 
FIX: Doing a CLEAR(record);SET(key,key);PREVIOUS would return the wrong results when the driver was an SQL driver and the key components are all types that automatically set 0 to NULL (ie TIME and DATE fields)
FIX: FORMAT could return incorrect result for @T pictures
IMPROVEMENT: Faster FORMAT for @D and @T pictures
FIX: The parsing tree could become invalid on compilation with debug info of Clarion functions with parameters of CONST *CSTRING or CONST *PSTRING types