Clarion 9 EasyExcel Duplicate symbol errors

I installed clarion 9 recently, but I am facing a problem with applications created with clarion 6.3. when I open any file and use easyexcel template (even adding it to the aplication after opening the file in clarion 9), when I compile the app I get this error:

Duplicate symbol: SafeArrayCreateVector in OLEAUT32.dll
Duplicate symbol: SafeArrayCreateVectorEx in OLEAUT32.dll

the error doesn’t show for new applications created by clarion 9 for the same template.

any idea what could be the problem?


Perhaps C6.3 template adds to the solution an extra LIB file with those functions.

I will try to dig more.

C6.3 WIN32.LIB OLEAUT32.dll only has SafeArrayCreate

C11 Win32.Lib OLEAUT32.dll has

Your C9 might be the same.

Tools, Libmaker, Add File, c:\Clarion11\Lib\Win32.lib