Clarion ABC anatomy

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I there a site I can go to or is there a book I can use to easily understand the anatomy of the ABC programming.

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There’s a book available.
I’m pretty sure there’s another at clarionshop.

Also in the Docs directory of your clarion install is a pdf of ABC Library Reference


also I think Bruce has done a couple of ClarionLive webinars on ABC.

a quick search shows

327 August 21 2015 Deriving ABC Classes with an intro to ABC

but perhaps I am thinking of (paid) presentations leading up to CIDC Africa:

15 August 2020 Bruce Johnson
How ABC Works - Part 1

and a year later

21 August 2021
Bruce Johnson
How ABC Works - Part 2

also not specifically ABC, but Russ Eggen’s book on OOP and coding objects in Clarion is at : GitHub - mriffey/RADFusionObjectsInClarion: Russ Eggen's book on OOP and coding objects in Clarion

Mark Riffey noted: Added the PDF here to preserve it for posterity. Russ passed in 2016. He would love that the Clarion community continues to benefit from his teaching efforts. Posted here with the permission of the publisher, Clarion Magazine’s David Harms.

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@Bruce, a quick question for you:

I purchased the “Programming in Clarion’s ABC” printed book many years ago and now the only option is to have a PDF file. Is there a way to download it since I have already my own printed version?