Clarion and MSSQL Primary key Auto increment

I have these tables which are in my clarion 6.3 dictionary.
the tables are created automatically in MS SQL database after running the application except for one problem; that the Identify specification is set to “NO” although the key Auto number is checked in the dictionary.

I now have to modify it from SQL after the table is created which is not a big deal but if there is a way to fix this that will be more efficient for me.

thank you in advance

Hello Gentlemen,
Any ideas?


Clarion is ok at producing tables via create, but is very generic.
The Autonumber key just means that clarion will control the autonumber, so it wouldn’t set that because that may not be what you want.

Unless your tables are very plain vanilla, I’d suggest a script to run to create them. Thats what most folk do.

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