Clarion Apps locking up due to DHCP issue?

We have been having an issue with one of our Windows 10 computers for awhile now. Seemingly random clarion apps locking up. We have done enough troubleshooting to band-aid the problem. We think that it had something to do with DHCP. We changed the lease timer to 7 days and the clarion apps have stopped locking up, or at least has not been noticed by the user. My question is has anyone experienced this in their environment? And if there was another way they fixed it. Or any guesses to what could be the issue here. Computer losing network for a split second?

Quick question, the program has centralized database in a server? If yes, that server has static IP and DNS records are resolving to that machine (DB server).

It looks like an issue when the app loose the route to the server because IP address change. Wild guess, but is worth to check

I think your right. We use network shares to provide our apps on a fileserver. It is static. We think that the computer loses access to the shared drive during DHCP. So we statically assigned an IP to the users computer and the problem is gone. Any thoughts on why this would be acting up considering the solution?

Just a crazy guess, but maybe another DHCP in the same network (DSL, Cable Modem or router).

I’ve experienced that kind of scenario.

Does the server have a fixed IP? If not, perhaps try that and leave the workstation using DHCP.
I have not, personally, run into an issue with DHCP on the workstation.

Yes the server has a static. I have tested DHCP with Wireshark everything works fine. I am not sure why adding a static to the PC would stop my apps from locking up. Any ideas on what I could do to troubleshoot?

Have you looked at TTL & Lease Expiration stuff?

When you type “ipconfig /all” in a command prompt from a PC, I wonder if the “Lease Expires” stuff would be useful to look at.