Clarion apps on a Windows tablet

Anyone have any experience with running Clarion 10 apps on a Windows 10 tablet?

I have TeamViewer running on my desktop which I access from my tablet. It allows me to work with the app from the tablet and whatever I do such as add records, is stored at the desktop machine. I can access from anywhere I may be as long as I have an internet connection.
It works great for me when I am demonstrating applications. TeamViewer has a free version which is what I use.

I made a survey application for Windows 10 tablets (x86).
It’s working properly. Also our CRM application is working (slowly but) properly.

Are you using an external GPS solutions or the internal GPS in the tablet?

No, I didn’t need it. (8.8 KB)
This simple example opens google maps in OCX. If you able to get current position, it may help to you. Softvelocity also has H5 example for google maps.

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working perfectly on a HP tablet

An RDP-Client is available for nearly every device (Apple, Android, Windows). It´s Easy to reach the host computer or a Terminal-Server.
Or you use TSPlus (Webedition) as Terminal-Server and you have http-access and you can connect with ervery browser from every device (that´s cool) :slight_smile:

TeamViewer is not really freeware. As soon as the notice that you connect to often they limit the access to 5 minutes. Better you use RDP or AnyDesk (that´s more freeware).

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Thanks to all who replied!

Sorry I didn’t see this thread earlier
Not only do we run clarion programs which include 3D graphics on windows tablets
I write the clarion programs on windows tablets
My point is, that a windows tablet is a “normal” computer it’s just a shape of the computer
Some are very powerful, others well, not so much.
No need to worry about remoting in to a “real” machine.

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