Clarion BalloonTips


Does anyone have an example of BalloonTips (Tool Tips) implemented in Clarion?


As far as I know there are several 3rd parties offering tooltip support, one of them is EasyToolTip
This is not a standard tooltip, but special “Help” control (icon) which pops up tooltip on mouse hovering,

Another 3rd party option is

Disclaimer: I don’t have a dog in this fight and have never tried any of these products. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I’ll check these out.

XTooltips from Sealsoft very nice. One warning: it does not like when you have Noyantis Skinframework in your app. Your app will crash. That’s a pitty because I certainly would like to add it again to my apps. I have asked both parties but there’s no interest.

You may take a look to Capesoft’s EzHelp solution for tooltips and help edit-in-app.
Simple and easy to use for developers & users.