Clarion Browse Not Pointing to Correct Record

Hello All

I’m using Clarion 11 - latest release and I need some help please.

I have created a browse and update screen all on the one screen, but I am experiencing problems with the Browse - and maybe it is just something I am not understanding with the Browse Template.

I have embed code at TakeNewSelection before parent call:

ie I am pointing to the specific record for editing when the record is selected.

And this is where my problem occurs:

When I scroll up and down the browse list using the arrow keys on the keyboard, I continuously get the correct record into my buffer for editing.

When a user clicks and then clicks again (not double-click) with the mouse on a record in the browse I get the correct record into the buffer.


When a user single-clicks on the browse row or double-clicks, I do not get the correct record into my buffer for editing.

This is beyond confusing to the user because the highlighted row is not actually the record being pointed to by the record pointer at times…

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

Hi Richard

Yes it is similar to the sterlingdata template.

I am using SQL and I have an Alias for the update section.

What I am finding though is when a user single-clicks on a new browse row, it does not call TakeNewSelection - and that is really the crux of the matter. The rest of it all works perfectly.

I would put your code after the Parent call. The Parent call is doing the UpdateBuffer for you.
UpdateBuffer populates the record buffer with the contents of the queue. It doesn’t populate all fields of the record buffer. Also, it doesn’t table position to the row. Is JournalItems your alias or the table in the browse view? Is your journal ID a field in the list or hot field? IOW, is journal ID in your queue?

Thank you Rick & Richard for your assistance.

There were a few more confusing things that have been happening in other areas with templates - so I decided to completely reload Clarion 11 today with the latest updates and then load all my addons too - amazingly everything is now working as it should.

There was something corrupted with my installation.

Could be possible that one of the 3rd party templates modified one or more of the shipping files in a way that is incompatible with the changes that Anyscreen makes to BUILTINS, etc.