Clarion C6.2 IDE lost icons... on Win10 1903

Hi all.
I upgraded Win 10 to ver 1903 .
After runing C6.2 IDE looks like this…

Any ideas?

Windows Update KB4517389 causes a problem…

I’m on windows 7 and i lost my icons also on last wednesday’s windows update! i even tried to do a fresh install of clarion6.3 and the same thing happened, lost icons. then the trouble started, i backed up my files and tried to do a restore from the prior restore point on my list, my SSD C and D drive crashed during the restore. i had to reinstall a fresh copy of windows 7 , went through all the updates but then realized i had so many programs that i had installed along the way and i didnt have some original disks (office etc.) any more. luckily every sunday night i do an automatic backup and image backups. so i did a restore from the image backup and i was back with all my programs and really didnt lose that much (a couple of apps i had made changes to), BUT windows did updates again when i rebooted and the icons were once again gone. should have let sleeping dogs lie and just accepted the loss of the icons and worked around it. IF ANYONE knows a work around would be greatly appreciated. Frank

Uninstall Windows update KB4517389.

Hi everyone,

Just as an update.

I have updated my Windows 10 32Bit today to 1909 and all the C6 icons is working correctly again.


Johan de Klerk

Thank you Johan!

Best regards