Clarion Community Charity Drive

In August of 2020 I raised money for charity by having a haircut. More accurately my flowing locks were cut down in their prime, and my head was shaved completely bald. It was a fantastic event, and we raised around $4500 for charity at a time when it was sorely needed. That money made a difference to real people’s lives, and I am grateful for all your contributions to that.

At the time I joked that I wouldn’t cut my hair again until CIDC 2020 actually happened. I certainly did not expect that to be over 2 years later.

I wasn’t planning to do a charity shave again (once was quite enough, thank you very much), but then a person made a comment to me that it wouldn’t “work” as a charity event a second time. That people would do it once, but not twice. Well, that sounds like a challenge, so challenge accepted!

I can’t resist a challenge, so my goal this time is to raise $3000. Not as ambitious as last time, but hey, this is a sequel. By September 22nd. This money will go to a local charity - there are three in the vicinity of the CIDC hotel - and as always small amounts from us make a big difference in people’s lives.

But wait, there’s more! If we go over $3000, then Andy Wilton has agreed to have his head shaved as well. And those who know Andy know this is a HUGE sacrifice! :slight_smile:

Regardless of how much is raised I’ll shave my head after the “Fun with CapeSoft” session, which will be live-streamed (free) to everyone. This will happen on Thursday 22nd September, at around 5pm local time. (That’s 11AM Eastern, and 8am Pacific time!) You can click on to see the link closer to the time.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in supporting then go to and donate as much as you are comfortable with. Small amounts make big differences (but feel free to add big amounts as well :slight_smile: )

Here’s the good news, whether you are coming to CIDC or not, whether you are joining us online or not, you can still participate. This is for the community at large, not just the CIDC crowd.

CIDC 2020 is just 12 days away, so time is short. Donations can be made at Thanks all for making the last event a success, and I’m hoping this one will be equally so!

Whether you donate or not, you are welcome to attend the Fun with CapeSoft. I’ll be giving out a special purchase code, so that’ll be worth attending for.



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That’s all well and good, Bruce.
But now I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into…

The receipt from ClarionShop says

Shaved Head for Charity [ Reference : # xxxx ] Will be physically shipped to you by the supplier.

Physically shipped?
How will customs handle this?
How big a locket will I need to accommodate it???



hmm - I think it’s safe I’ll spare you from anything physically shipped :slight_smile: - but it’s an intriguing thought of mailing out locks of hair to those who participated. Or maybe I mail hair to those who don’t participate!

On the up side we’ve just crossed the $1000 mark - so one third of the way there!
So for those wondering what to do today - go ahead and donate. It’s all for a good cause!

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