Clarion crashing when running TXA export

I have an solution consisting of 3 app’s. I recently tried to export one of them to TXA and got the following error

 Exception occurred at address 6B463189
 Exception code C0000005: Access Violation
 Process PID=4176  Image: C:\Clarion11.1\bin\Clarion.exe
 Thread 2  Handle=000009DC  TID=4796

I looked back through my code backups and found a version that does not have this issue, but that is from 12 releases ago and a lot of changes have been made since. Interestingly all apps still generate code and compile fine. Is there any way I can fix the app ?
The export actually does export some of the procedures, so I guess it crashes when it gets to export the corrupted one, but how can I find the one causing error ?

I’m using C11.1 build 13810

Sort the APP by module and look at the module/procedure that comes after the last successful one in the exported TXA. Examine that procedure for anything odd. Formulas are notoriously unstable exporting to TXA. I highly recommend getting rid of any Formulas in your APPs.

Another idea. Selectively export one module at a time to figure out which one is causing the crash. Then examine it for oddities.

Thanks. That was it - the formulas. I found 2 formulas with empty statement, removed these and now the export is fine. The app however does not compile now, apparently some local variable declarations disappeared as well from the procedures using formulas.

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