Clarion debugger - changing the format of the OBJ files... squeeee!

Clarionlive webinar #433 @ around 42:26 Robert Zaunere says:

One of the plans we have, for… in the not too distant future, is to change the format of the OBJs so you can use any debugger… so you could use the visual studio debugger for example…

yes, YES, YES!! please?

“…In a not too distant future…” … Will we see it in the next 4 years ? :rolling_eyes:
However I absolutely need this one !
… and the 64 bit compiler!

Indeed, there is quite a bit of wiggle room in that quote but at least something was said. I use the debugger all the time, so much would be impossible without it, but gosh it’s horrible to use. :fire: :slight_smile:

BTW, I added a topic to the voting category for 64bit compiler