Clarion DLL issue

Hi All,

While running a clarion application i am facing a DLL issue, i tried to debug and reproduce the issue which is happening after i have updated the windows.

Can anyone give me an idea or solution regarding DLL issue. After certain point it stops at DLLCanUnloadNow.

You’re going to have to give far more detail than that for anyone to help you. Is this a DLL written in Clarion or some other language?
What version of Clarion?
How is the DLL loaded in the first place?
Why is it being unloaded?

Hi @Paul_Attryde

DLL is written in Clarion 6 and issue has been faced while dll is trying to communicate with windows, issue has come up after windows 7 has been migrated to Win 10, any ideas on these?

You still haven’t said what the actual problem is. Does the program run at all? Does it fail to start? Does it run, and then fail to do some specific task? What does “communicate with windows” mean?
Also, as far as I’m aware, all DLLs have to be compiled with the same version of Clarion. So if you have DLLs compiled in different versions that’s going to be a problem