Clarion Editor Setting - include classes in INC losing spacing

Can anyone enlighten us on what setting in the editor keeps the spacing in an include file from realigning itself.

Anyone got any idea why spacing in the editor loses it tab spacings and text condenses and alignments?

very annoying.

I cannot picture it. Reply and paste a pictures before and after.

Also paste your Clarion settings under Tools Options – Text editor – Behavior – to show what you have for Tabs and Spaces.

I prefer to check “Convert Tabs to Spaces”. In the past Tabs in TPL files would cause problems so I avoid them. I also don’t use Smart Indenting or reformat / indent code

The help has this to say. I suppose we will have to run up an old product scripting system. Not our new one and get it to format class and data automatically. A job for a raining winter one year. Heres the help, not something one has time to read very often. Worlds a big place and there is more to do than read help files.

Finally, if you are transferring code from another developer, and there are different Tab Size or Convert Tabs to Spaces options or the code is formatted manually, you may see the erratic behavior when using Smart indentation mode. This is due to the line(s) formatted according to your settings but all other lines remaining unchanged. To solve this issue you have several options:

  1. Use the same tab size and indentation mode settings as the other developer.

  2. Reformat the code before changing it (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+I).

  3. Uncheck the Enable entered line formatting option so that the line will not be reformatted after pressing the Enter key.

  4. Change indentation mode to None or Automatic.

Ok reset the IDE OPTION 4 and the editor realigns your declarations and code.

You might like the @Rick_UpperPark addin for aligning your “=” assignments. It’s on Clarionshop if you search for “upper”. Then look for “Format Assignment Statements Addin”

its ok we have a whole new scripting engine starting to rev up now that can run addins with direct language binding to methods in most languages…

we will one year month plug in a gaint parser we have that used to run via evaluate…

i can parse pretty much everything except CPP.