Clarion Email Sending using Office365

Does anyone else with clients using Office365 have this issue:


All of my systems using the Clarion Email templates have been working perfectly for years and now clients are starting to get these errors. Anyone with any idea what is happening / how to sort it?

Both Clarion 10 and 11 seem to be affected. I recompiled my applications into Clarion 11 thinking that it might be a TLS version issue but to no avail.

I don’t think it has something to do with Clarion. If you use as smtp server, you are only allowed to send 30 mails per hour (see link).
If you have an (business) office365 account you can also use [url to company] as smtp server.
Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for the information but is that right? I think it is 30 per minute not per hour. However the other method of email is certainly worth a try.

I had the same problem. Been working for years.
However, when I changed SSL to FALSE, it worked even SSL should be TRUE.
In my Outlook settings, I use SSL.


Thank you … that is definitely worth a shot! We’ve managed to sort our primary customer by setting up the MX sending method mentioned previously but I wouldn’t want to have to do that for all our clients.