Clarion events being processed in a LIFO and not FIFO order

Anyone else seeing all clarion events (windows as well user generated) being processed in a LIFO order instead of a FIFO order?

Its causing random hangs obviously and I just wanted to see if its just my machines thats affected or seen by others?

Background:My computers have all been hacked and looking back its beeing going on for several years, in fact with hindsight it might also have been what affected BobZ’s pc when he came to Cambridge all those years ago. Anyway I have a stack of dead PC’s here where the bios has been wiped, but this spreads across the USB bus, using up the spare space in firmware chips and rewriting hard drive controllers so they appear to the bios as usb devices at boot up. This code might also take advantage of cpu virtualisation being switched on as well in order to run independently of your main os as well. Either way its a clever bit of code thats kept me busy for several years now, but I can at least detect it now, things is I reckon millions of desktops and servers are infected with it and no one has the foggiest it even exists, in fact I think these recent ransom ware attacks are just a side show to raise awareness of Bitcoins.

If you want a clarion program to show this LIFO events behaviour, I’ll post one up, but its something you will see easily with debugview output switched on. I dont know if Capesoft’s GUTS addresses this problem, I’ve yet to examine it.


It might depend on the event. For example, ‘NOTIFY’ is LIFO if I understand correctly.

From the help:

The NOTIFY statement is called on the sender side. It generates the EVENT:Notify event and places it at the front of the event queue of receiver’s thread top window.

Cant honestly remember if it was using notify or posting the event to other threads, I’ll need to track down the the app and look again, but from what I remember I think all the windows events were processed lifo not just my own user created ones.

Yeah, we’d need to see what’s happening. The order of processing of events can be skewed by all sorts of things, including code in templates etc.