Clarion for Programmers?

If you wanted to help a non-Clarion, but already-programmer get up to speed on Clarion, have you any suggestions about where to start? Does anybody offer a class on that?


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Hello @jslarve! Here at Clarion Hub is a great resourse of Clarion and questions about how to handle Clarion are answered here fast. Another resources (oriented to NetTalk templates in Clarion but very useful as well)
(en español)

I know there are some other pages that i don’t remember, but i know some of the fellow programmers here should provide it at some time.

Another great opportunity to learn and integrate in the Clarion Community is the CIDC that is going to happen this year and the conferences and camaraderie are great!


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Don’t forget the best - now free too


Thanks carlitm!


Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I should check in more often. :slight_smile: