Clarion hsmt error

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i receive this error in one of the ms sql table:

when i check the data in that table, it shows the following data:

i have already put the following in that table properties (driver option) in the dct:


if i delete the table and create new data again, it works but after few records, the error comes again.

kindly advice how to handle this problem. thanks.

fm3 5.5


Be aware that you have to enter your driver properties in the FM3 global template to work.

Regards Niels

hi niels
thanks for the reply. yes, i did put this value:


(btw, niels, i have sent a message to you via nettalk central for api question. hope it reached you.)

Normal fix for this is to add /BUSYHANDLING=2 but without MARS
Do you really need multiple active results sets?
Try connection without the 2 MARS entries and see if the HMST errors go away

thanks graham. Will remove the entries and try again.