Clarion IDE gives error "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

I started receiving the above error in a Clarion 10 installation whenever I tried to open any file in the IDE. It didn’t matter if it was an APP, CLW or TPW file. The IDE would not open any files.
The C10 installation had been working correctly a few days earlier.
The following message would display when the file was opened. No additional information was in any of the output pads or DebugView. Turning off QuietMode did not help either.

As it turns out, I have run into this problem a long time ago. I had forgotten the issue. There is a folder in the \data folder called “modes”. This folder has no files in it, but the folder has to exist or the IDE won’t open files.
The installation process creates the file, however, most source control systems do not support a folder with no files. When I pulled this Clarion10 installation from BitBucket (GIT) the folder was missing. This caused the problem.
Recreating the folder a placing a dummy file in the folder and committing it solves the problem.


There appear to be competing conventions of using .gitkeep or .gitignore files in the directory you want to include as empty. I have see .gitkeep around before but I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

I basically use the README approach.
I add a text file that explains the file and folder have to exist.

Rick, thanks for this. I pulled an old IDE out of SC today and had the same issue. Lifesaver.

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