Clarion IDE GPF Results in Deleted App File

Have not been able to correlate the behaviour to anything specific yet, but I have recently had at least 3 instances where a GPF in the Clarion IDE deleted both the app file currently being worked upon along with the bpp file AND left me only with a 0KB sized ap~ file. Needless to say, restoring from backup is the only option.

Anyone else notice something similar? I did recently auto update to Windows 10 v2004 which does have other Clarion related oddities.


I’ve seen this happen many times since c8/9 days. It’s not every time the IDE crashes thank goodness, but frustrating all the same.

File recovery doesn’t work with tools like Recuva either.

No help, but feed back.



Yes, definitely not every time the IDE crashes. Having the bpp disappear too is especially annoying and costly in time.

I rarely lose the .app, but have been copying it up after, and sometimes mid-session, to another folder and/or drive for years (around 20). Better safe than sorry.

The most often issue I have is the IDE freezing up, which usually happens on first use on random days… Your anti-virus and/or malware app may be the root cause so you might try excluding folders or .app and .bpp.

First use has not correlated here. Haven’t been keeping exact score, but I would say Windows 10 v2004 has brought an increase in the IDE GPF frequency - usually with an instant vanishing (ie no screen fade, no hanging cursor, no warning whatsoever).