Clarion Image Control as a Parent

Mark Goldberg had examples of using the clarion image control as a parent.

His example shows how to create and position other controls inside the clarion Image.

Is his example still available somewhere to examine and test.

Wonder how Mark figured that out.

Many thanks.

There is this article: How to create groups of SCROLLING Controls (using IMAGE)

Yes that is the articles.

Wonder if other Images can be created inside a runtime Image Control.

and indeed you can clone Marks image control and place it inside the declared image control along with the buttons.

You could perhaps create a new kind of grid control inside image controls.
This would be backed by a data queue and now you have a complex grid that could be also displayed in ANYSCREEN?

Seems a lot of flexibility exists here that has so far not been fully explored.

It appears that controls placed in an image control have some placement and display issues.

Its not as simple as X Y co ord’s as it first seems in MG’s examples.

If you place a group control inside the image control and make it the same size as the image control you will see that the runtime will try to size your group control. It wont place the control where you want it to go.

Just in case you haven’t heard of UserControl, maybe check this out? Not sure what your requirements are. Is this possible? - Loading a Window into a Form - CW11

I’m assuming you want some sort of background image for these images seen in this link and to have the background image scroll with these smaller images?

And the images in this link you want them to behave like button’s like for a kiosk app running on touchscreen monitors?
Which would also mean no “ugly” windows scroll bars?

This is probably an idea candidate for a class control, do you also need a thread manager?

Maybe if you spec it out in more detail, you might get some bidding on a class, or might find something coded in another language which could be easily ported?

I dont think you want this Grid Class (Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls) - Windows UWP applications | Microsoft Docs
Layout panels for Windows apps - Windows apps | Microsoft Docs

but maybe you want the functionality seen in this web page with the four smaller images that change opaqueness when the mouse Over occurs?

How To Create a Tab Image Gallery (

Its hard to tell what exactly you want, I have a few idea’s but could be wrong.

So having seen another HTML link
html - Bootstrap Responsive Image Grid - Stack Overflow

I’m beginning to wonder if displaying a webpage might be the quickest way to get what you want, but I dont know if that would work in Anyscreen, as its a web page being rendered in another webpage from what I can tell.