Clarion IP Driver Query

Hello Clarioneers,

I was thinking adding IP Driver to existing project.

My current product uses TPS files as the backend. Some of the transaction tables has variable path and is assigned at run-time. IE If a user logon in Training Mode, these files will be prefixed with TR_.TPS.

For Example
OrderH.TPS and OrderD.TPS, when logged in Training mode becomes TR_OrderH.TPS and OrderD.TPS.

I understand the filenames can be assigned remotely by changing the remote file name or using SetVariableName etc.

My question is, can IP Server maintain 2 different filenames based on user login sessions and they are concurrent?

For example:
UserA logon in normal mode and his transactions will need to be stored in OrderH.TPS and OrderD.TPS, whereas, at the same time UserB who is on another machine logs in training mode and therefore his transactions will need to go into TR_OrderH.TPS and TR_OrderD.TPS.



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I’ll answer my own question.

Looks like I did less research myself before doing the earlier post. Digging a little deeper and reading the manual, I found an example under C:\Clarion10\Examples\IPDriver\Multidataset (Ledger application). This demonstrates exactly what I’ve asked for in the post.

NOTE: This example is only available to those who have installed the IP Driver template.

To answer the question, YES, it allows for each login session to have a different file name and the performance was impressive.

My review on the IP Driver based on the tests I’ve done so far:
I would recommend everyone with TPS backend to have look at this.
Client can access the data without a mapped / shared server drive.
Theoretically it should reduce file corruption caused by network issues/failures to a great extend because the file I/O is done by the server process only.
You can, to an extend have the data on your on server somewhere on the internet.

… etc




Nice one @Mathew and thanks for noting the solution here for others!