Clarion MDI and multiple monitors

Can a Clarion MDI program be used over Multiple monitors?
Or is that not possible under MDI?

You can stretch the frame to go over multiple monitors but the child windows need to be inside the frame.

Yes that is possible, for instance when you have several browses, you can drag them between the monitors you use.

I’ve tried the stretch but It seems the resize goes nuts on some screens for some reason and continually expands across both monitors.
I think my monitor configuration may be partly at fault here. My Primary monitor is on the right, 2nd on my left.
Clarion doesn’t seem to cope with this all that well.

Using a TOOLBOX attribute (PROP:TOOLBOX) will allow you to move that window where you like. Obviously you have to design your program so the browse you want moved away from the parent is the TOOLBOX.
It’s limited but works quite well.
I hope this helps, regards Jim

I seem to remember someone had some code for listing monitors in win32 api?

query the API and gets back monitors and sizes…

after WIn32 code not DOT NOT…