Clarion modern UI examples

Hi Guys,

I’m checking out some possibilities for refreshing my current UI in my clarion app.
I’m curious if you guys have some cool examples of your own applications where you’ve adjusted the UI to a modern(bootstrap) look and feel.



Take a look to noyantis warper for codejock

Checkout the #community:showcase category for some examples too!

Thnx for your answers guys.

Is it possible to reproduce the Noyantis skinframwork examples with clarion’s built in options?

For selecting things in alpha sequence.

Where are you working Erol?

In the Netherlands. @SerhatSatir
Thnx! @jnawrocki

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An example of Single Window Application (bootstrap-4 style) here.



Did you used EasyHTML template of Ingasoftplus?


Yes I used EasyHTML as a core.

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Hallo Menno,

Thanks for all your interesting posts. Because a lot of them are big text source code i think it would be much more easy to zip a demo app (with dct sln project) in C6.3 or C10 or C11 format or as a prj.

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Hi Dirk - Those kinds of things are pretty much what “gists” are designed for. And the code formatting will remain intact.

Hi Menno,

Understandable. I am glad you posted the text:smiley:

Take care

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Hi Mike, can you share the sources for this example?

yes I can, but it requires EasyHTML template.

Mike, I don´t have the template.

I can’t find you in users list, please send me the order via private message.

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