Clarion Open Source Project "Back to the Future"

I saw this mentioned on the Newsgroups today and thought it might be interesting to point to from here also.
(NG thread “Back to the Future”)

Originally found at this site is now archived in at least two places:

With the Internet Archive, last snapshot in 2015 -

A site that identifies itself as “A large archive of various mirror sites and consolidated information on retro computers” -

Take your pick :slight_smile:

From the Clarion Open Source Project

The intention of this site is to provide an Open Repository for Clarion Language-coded Software. Not necessarily complete products, but useful (working & tested) FUNCTION()s and PROCEDURE()s, etc. - generally being based on direct Windows API calls.

Navigation options on the site:

There look like some quite interesting this on there though they may be getting a bit dated now. Perhaps there are some gold nuggets worth transferring to github?


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I think if there are gold nuggets in here they are buried very, very deeply. Frankly the whole concept Veronica proposed seemed daft to me then, and seems even dafter to me now.

The whole premise on which the site is based is that the Clarion runtime layer slows things down and is unnecessary since you can code directly against Win32 if you want to. So hey, abandon every bit of useful clarion shared code, all 3rd party code, all template code, all free code, and just write everything yourself from first principles. This was a popular premise back in the 80’s especially by programmers proficient in Assembler who diligently counted machine cycles to make things “go as fast as possible”.

Today, computers are fast enough that they don’t need to run at 100%. Nobody buys business software based on how “fast” it is, they buy it based on how “useful” it is. Useful means reliable, feature rich, maintained, up to date with a modern “look”, works well on any version of Windows, with any hardware and so on.

Everything Veronica wanted to do was just reinventing the wheel, with no regard to actually making programs that are useful to people or that get you paid. There’s a reason it never took off.

Like I say, there may be API nuggets in there, but good luck finding them.

Hi Bruce,

Actually there’s a lot of good stuff in there (I have the site archived here as a reference).
Particularly her simplification of API calling (everything’s a ‘machine word’ ie a LONG) and her detailed explanation of COM with Clarion.

Yes she spurns the built-in and 3rd Party templates (using just a single source procedure template of her own) - but search the site and you’ll find dual mode COM programs written entirely in Clarion without any addons way back in 2008 when Clarion’s support (Clarion 5.X at that time) was ‘iffy’ at best.

The fact that it’s all ‘raw’ API calls and without 3rd Party template actually makes it all still accessible even after a decade.


Wasn’t there another open source effort to try and make clarion more portable? like to run one Linux/Mac etc. I think some python or something was involved

Do you mean the java thing?
I think this is the most recent:

No it was a different effort to that, and quite a while ago. Late 90s early 00 type of time frame.

Hi Sean,

Maybe you’re thinking of Fenix
A template set to generate VB.NET code for ASP.NET applications.
RadFusion did it.

There was also SoftMasters Jaguar product that did a similar thing.