Clarion Redirection File Line continuation symbol

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So if like me, you have lots of templates (655 tpl or tpw files at last count and growing), I wanted to get them better organised, but the clarion redirection file also needed updating to reflect different ways of organising my templates.

Anyway the line continuation symbol ( | ) does not work in the clarion redirection file, but duplicating the filemask line ie ( *.tp? = ) over additional lines does work so you dont need to end up with a single filemask line that is excessively long.

*.tp? = %ROOT%\3rdParty\template\TemplateOneAndItsTPWfiles;%ROOT%\3rdParty\template\TemplateTwoAndItsTPWfiles

*.tp? = %ROOT%\Accessory\template\win\TemplateOneAndItsTPWfiles;%ROOT%\3rdParty\template\TemplateTwoAndItsTPWfiles
*.tp? = %ROOT%\template\win;%ROOT%\Accessory\template\win

So if you want to place all your TPW files in a subfolder and just have a single template.TPL in %ROOT%\3RDPARTY\TEMPLATE which calls all your TPW files in the various subfolders this works.