Clarion Report to PDF

Hello all,

I would like to output my Clarion reports directly to PDF format with following requirements:

  1. support Chinese
  2. no PDF printer needed
  3. support Legacy

or if there is a solution that I can convert my WMF files to a single PDF?

Thanks all in advance.

Tony Lam

What version of Clarion are you using?

I am out of touch on what is available in the accepted third party libraries that work easily with Clarion.

Leadtools is a high end imaging sdk that you can have a look at. It will likely get the job done, or write a wrapper in C++ prehaps…

Maybe check this one out. There’s a demo.

Thanks Jeff!
Actually it’s wPDFControl which supports the features Tony needs


I am using Clarion 10 EE, Robert of SV has sent me a sample app. He explained to me that C10 PDF should support Chinese through the use of Code Pages, I will have a look at it.

Is Klarisoft’s a wrapper only, it needs to have a PDF engine installed?


Hi Tony,

Everything you need is bundled into our wrapper. wPDFControl license will come directly from wpcubed


Tony, is it possible you to share that sample with us under this title?

If you are referring to the one from SV, according to Robert, it’s in the examples which you can download from SV.

How can I assign / change codepage for Turkish (like Chinese)

You can try changing PROP:Charset
for a report
Report{PROP:Charset} = CHARSET:Turkish

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Dear lchudakov, thank you very much for your interest.
I did it but result is still same. PDF’s fonts are still using Ansi coding.

PDF Charset (409.1 KB)

Is this pdf output produced by SV PDF engine or wPDFControl?
You can try downloading wPDFControl demo

Produced by SV PDF engine… I’ll try demo, thank you…

Just finish embed wPDFControl Wrapper into my own project, it does the way that I expected, thanks Klarisoft.

Dear Ichudakov, Klarisoft has same problem.

Did you check “Force report charset for all report controls” in the report template extension
Or try setting font charset for this particular control

The easy way for your problem is try to install pdf995. It will create a pdf printer for your app you only need to assign your report into pdf printer then the report will export into pdf format