Clarion Report Writer

Hi Everybody.

I’ve just bought the Clarion 11 EE but the Clarion Report Writer doesn’t work…

Is anybody can help me ? my config is Win10…



Hi everybody. PB solved thx :slight_smile:

What was the problem? (For the case history)

Hi. The problem is the CRW didn’t work…But I’ve installed it again and it’s work now…


Note : My problem now his to call a Repxl report from Clarion 32…or make a TXR format to use claprnt.exe…

Hi Philippe,

I saw your question calling RW with Repxl… I don’t know if you have a solution for this problem or no ?
I have the same problem… I don’t know how to call Repxl and what is the syntax… I know how to use TXR but for Repxl no.
Please can you help if your problem with Repxl solved


Hi All,

someone can help also for our problem.