Clarion RUN with Windows 10 v2004

I have long used RUN to launch the latest version of my Clarion programs.
With a couple of users recently updating to Windows 10 v2004, RUN seems to now fail on those machines.

Anyone else seeing this?

What do you get if you check for ERROR()/ERRORCODE()?

The 2 users with new v2004 installed machines say no error message is displayed and
I do check for an Errorcode after the RUN.

Starting now to update my development machine to v2004 and test directly.

This is unrelated to your problem (I assume), but something to check after you update to 2004

A bit gobsmacked.
Looks to have nothing to do with the code, but rather the project settings used in the solution.
Have not yet pinned down consistent behaviour.

I see another report about RUN() on the NGs (via SetupBuilder). Asked if they’re using 2004.

Happy to have someone tell me I am completely nuts or stupid.
How to explain other than the exe MUST include the word Launch?
Have tested both locally and from a network.

Compiling to Launch.exe will successfully run the code below under Win 10, v2004.
Rename to LaunchTest.exe - runs also.
Rename to CapesoftLaunch.exe - runs also.
Rename to CapesoftTest.exe - fails.
Rename to CapesoftLunch.exe - fails.
Rename to ClarionHubTest.exe - fails.
Rename to ClarionHubLaunch.exe - runs again.

!! Launch.clw code for MyFileName.exe
IF ERRORCODE() <> Level:Benign

!! RunTest.clw code for RunTest.exe
MESSAGE(‘RunTest.exe has successfully been launched.’)

This probably doesn’t help, but I have tested in insider Windows 10 Version 10.0.20150 Build 20150 which will become 20h2 or 21h1 release.

I have tested this and I am not seeing the issue (C11 13505). I renamed launch.exe to l.exe and it still works.

One thing to note from your code is you don’t have a default map in the listing, but I am guessing that was an over site?



That is hopeful. Default map was not included in the post just to keep it short. It is included in the tested code.

After RUN use RUNCODE to check for returned errors instead of ERRORCODE

Maybe there’s a rogue file association in your Registry for the EXE extension.
If you compile to TestLaunchTest.exe does that run?

No difference. TestLaunchTest.exe runs fine.

If the word Launch is not used, the problem is a stack overflow error in windows (ntdll.dll) and it occurs as soon as the program is started, before the Clarion run command is reached.