Clarion Service with connection to MSSQL suppress error message


I have an Clarion NetTalk app as web server which normally is run as windows service. A customer reported the the web server hangs from time to time. I told him to run the WebServer as program to see if there are error messages on the server.
He found the following message:


After pressing ok the connection was made and the WebServer was accessible again.
I assume that if the WebServer runs as windows service and the connection to the SQL Server is not possible, the service also hangs with a message nobody sees

Is it possible to suppress the message if access to the SQL Server is not possible?

Can there be a loop of retries or is there already one?

Thanks for every idea?

While your app is running as a service, you can replace MESSAGE procedure by your own one which doesn’t throw a message box. See Prop:MessageHook in the docs.

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Have you tried SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT as a ConnectOption in your connect string?