Clarion small icons in examples come from what folder?

I have noticed that in some example applications a set of smaller clarions icons are used. For instance waok.ico,wacancel.ico, waframe.ico and others.

In many cases these icons are more suitable than the one you can choose in the windows designer.
Where is it possible to find an overview of these icons?



In an .ico file there are several sizes, and clarion uses the appropriate size as needed, you could use a tool to see in your own icons what sizes they have. “Axialis Icon Workshop” is a useful tool for this, or any similar one.

Not sure what you mean by an “Overview”? If you mean the location of those icons they probably are found via the RED in Clarion11\images. They can also be the C11\Accessory\Images folder with icons. Open that folder in Windows Explorer and choose View Medium Icons.

You can tell where the ICO (and other) files came from in your build by looking at Obj\Debug\ProjectName.CwProj.FileList.XML

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I think I found the solution after reading your message. When I want to insert an icon , for instance for a button, I thought the only way to do this was either to use the inbuilt icons or use the ‘select file’ option and choose an image file manually. But it also worked if I for instance just typed ‘waframe.ico’ in the icon property for the button. I could not figure out if this icon were in a dll or where it came from.

After your suggestion I looked into the redirection file in Clarion and found that ‘Clarion/Images’ were in the redirection file path. After opening the ‘Clarion/images’ in the file explorer I found all the images that had puzzled me. So now I understand.

My workflow now will be as follows: I will put all my ico files in Clarion/Images folder. I will use file explorer to get the overview on the ico files I have available and therafter just type the name of the ico file in the icon property for a button.

In my opinion this will be a far better way of doing things than what I previously did.

Thanks for all your replies.


You could put them in the Clarion\ ACCESSORY \Images folder as your location of “My Images”. Any in Clarion\images you like you could also copy there so you have one folder with your preferred images. Can be copied between machines and installs.

I’ve altered my red file to add .\images to the image search.
So all project specific icon go there.