Clarion syntax highlighting for GitHub

A blog post came up on twitter today that side tracked me into preparing a pull request to bring Clarion syntax highlighting to GitHub (as well as the Atom editor I believe…)

GitHub used to use the Pygments syntax highlighter but recently that changed and now adding support is pretty simple once you have a functional ruby environment setup (don’t ask!). Just point a script at the SublimeClarion project, add an entry to language.yml and commit!

Before I issue the pull requests though it would be nice to have some reasonable sample files though.

Anyone care to contribute some samples?

Here is the fork of the linguist repo:
Clarion samples need to go here:

Ok, what I want is 2 fold.

  1. I want basic samples. The idea of these sample is that they could be used to test a Clarion Syntax highlighter. They should be pretty short but also represent a few of the edge cases that might trip up a highlighter. Picture tokens would be one example.
  2. I want someone else to contribute the samples to my fork of the github/linguist repo. The reason for this is that I think it would at least give the illusion that there is more than just a smattering of people using Clarion code on Github. They might knock back a request if they decide (or notice) that the language being added is not widely used.