Clarion to something new

it is quite long from when I last was here. I have for the last year been doing the porting from Clarion to something newer, Blazor (Server flavour). I have created a set of components and classes for more easier code translation. While Blazor project does not have templates ala Clarion, so it is a completely different way of coding, I have managed for example to create classes that simplify work with database, and the code structure that follows makes it very similar to Clarion way of doing.
I have also created a set of components that minimize the need for doing any html/css. Actually 99% of pages that I am now developing do not have any css or native html.
It occurred to me that a novice to Blazor and/or frontend and to Web API and EF core might find this my project interesting.
A more expert programmer in the above might on the other hand have difficulties on how to organize the code to split frontend/backend part that are so glued in Clarion.
I am willing to make this project available for sale, but work is needed for documenting everything and for extracting the business part.

The price would be roughly 1 month salary for the USA based senior developer. My estimation is that this project could spare you 3 to 6 months of work, based on your experience in newer technologies. Essentially just C# is strictly needed.

So before I go to my boss I would like to see if there is interest. Please, who is interested put a like to this post and I will check the number of likes in a week.
My thinking is:

  • if I get less then 20 likes, it is not going to happen because there is no enough interest
  • if there is more than that I will do some presentation and then lets see how it goes.

Happy weekend to all


Ok, I see there is no interest, at least not enough to invest a month of work to polish the project. Thanks to the likers and good luck for yours own journey out of Clarion.

I’m journeying into Clarion, and enjoying the ride, especially because I can use NetTalk to write some really interesting applications. All the best with your journey too.

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Even if you don’t make your project available for sale, it will be very interesting, at least for me, if you could share screenshots of how your Blazor’s equivalent of Clarion’s browses and forms look and work, and some general comments about how you got there.

I’ll appreciate a lot if you could take a few minutes to share this.

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This is one typical browse. There is nothing particular to it, a bit of css, a greenbar effect. Colours are awful, according both to my boss and wife, so it must be true. As usual, there is no silver bullet. I studied blazor, tried something, started converting clarion code, seeing what is working and what not. There is no template here but each time I found a problem in converting I generalized, so many common scenarios (at least the one I encountered in my project) with some copy/paste, and few manual code change are doable much faster. I am talking here about clarion browse/form paradigm but also the fact that in clarion backend and frontend are together in one code while I separated them. Thanks for your interest, but I do not want to discuss this further, there is no point to it. Hope you understand

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Thanks for sharing this.