Clarion, TSPlus, Mac OS, and Paste

Testing Clarion app using TSPlus. It seems newer Mac OS can’t paste text using Left-Command-V but can using Right-Command-V. Has anyone with TSPlus experience seen this and know what might be done? It certainly is not behaviour I want to consistently explain to new users.

There’s a ClarionLive TSPlus Chat Skype group. Maybe ask there?

I don’t use TSplus with a Mac very much, but with a Windows desktop, on a right-click, the Paste option is disabled on a text field, although Ctrl-V works just fine. This is with the the TSplus HTML5 client or with RemoteApp.
I asked TSplus about it and they said they will look into it, but I don’t think it’s in their code.
(RemoteApp was from Microsoft around 2017).
It works just fine with Remote Desktop Connection though.