Clarion unknown error

Hi Guys,

While running a clarion application i am getting this error message, can anyone guide for the same?

Note: This is only happening in newly configured machines.

This can sometime happen in multi dll apps with cyclic references. The cycle sometimes gets confused when disposing objects.
I’ve also seen it when you call a procedure in an app with nettalk/secwin but not the calling app.

I have now seen this twice 23 September and then 21 October, again effectively in a new installation but one that ships as a single exe. The message though refers to dlls that are part of Windows. Only the exe is provided by ourselves.
Error: Corrupt block/Unknown block type freed. This is probably caused by freeing a static variable or a bad pointer.
004D0D57 0001:000CFD57 SQLOnWardsPlus.exe
75B47316 0001:00007316 USER32.dll
75B46DE8 0001:00006DE8 USER32.dll
75B4A748 0001:0000A748 USER32.dll
770E013A 0001:0000013A ntdll.dll
75B4AA44 0001:0000AA44 USER32.dll
75B4D271 0001:0000D271 USER32.dll
75B66EBF 0001:00026EBF USER32.dll
005F8C21 0001:001F7C21 SQLOnWardsPlus.exe
00624BB3 0001:00223BB3 SQLOnWardsPlus.exe

It was left as a log text message on the server automatically so I have no idea who or where the client was and no user has contacted the help team.

The program is 6 years old but regularly gets new features and has many users with multiple sessions every day. The current build went in 02 August, but recentlythere was also a network upgrade as well as an ongoing Windows 7 to 10 upgrade on clients (i.e. a mix at the moment), so effectively a new installation. I am monitoring and would also be glad of insight from hub members

Regards, Jim

Sound like “GPF” means Hard Disk Drive (HDD) been corrupt data cause Headtrack might worn out and/or near overdue life span would loss data. So, two Questions

  1. How long been ran the HDD since installed. ?
  2. If over 5 years old a HDD, Have transfer data to new a HDD or SDD ?

HDD is good condition before 5 years old should straight away transfer new HDD alway every 5 years replace
SDD is very good condition and include power loss protection data. More than 10 years life. (But professional will investigate for test long last life before damage data)

Hi @JimM

Have you got any solution for this issue, because these has been faced by all the users after a certain windows update i guess, or maybe a clarion issue?

Can you provide a contact number or mail id for anyone who can help with these?

Is there any technical support team for clarion?

Unfortunately I have got no further with this. It has happened once again, making three over three months. We have about 1,000 user sessions each week so incidence is very low and I haven’t had details back for any user to know what exactly they were doing and where. The site Wi-Fi has some dead spots too, so I am never sure if this might be connection related.

We really need a Windows/network expert or somebody from SV who understands in depth how Clarion is working with the Windows dlls to sort this out. I was hoping that having postings on the hub, somebody with that expertise might offer a suggestion.

Regards, Jim

What does the application vendor have to say? I’d expect the onus to be on them to figure this out

Hi @Paul_Attryde

I didn’t get you, whom do you think would help us out?

The people wrote the application, assuming they’re still around. You won’t fix a problem in the runtime, you’ll have to figure out what in the application is causing it and then not do that.