Clarion w/ DocuSign API (C# SDK)

Looking for anyone who has had success w/ using the DocuSign API in a Clarion app.

My requirements are quite simple - create/send DocuSign envelope via email - but having trouble with what I thought would be a simple inclusion of the DocuSign dll and methods.

Try to integrate with Chilkat.
I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard, that it can be possible

Thanks for the suggestion. Will investigate Chilkat as a backup option if I can’t get something going with the DocuSign provided downloads.


DocuSign is already one of the APIs that we’re looking at creating a “Task Class” for within our Chilkat wrapper template. We’ve got our API keys etc and are just experimenting at the moment.



Count me as a customer. I’ve got plenty of other tasks at which I am much more proficient.

That’s excellent :slight_smile:

I’ll continue looking at it over the weekend / next week… I’ll keep you posted.



Would be happy to test & provide some feedback also. My immediate needs are quite simple, but my experience here at a large university is that demand for good things grows.