Clarion Window Title Maximum Length?

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Hello Guys,

While trying to add title to the clarion window it usually takes limited number of characters on the window title, to show up on the UI,

I tried to add it from ABC Templates->window property for text size but it takes limited number of characters

Do we have any way to set window title to the user defined size and number of characters?

ABC may have limits, but in embed code you can set any length: 0{PROP:Text}='Longgggg Title'

I’ll often Append Path on my utilities: 0{PROP:Text}=0{PROP:Text} & ' - '& LONGPATH()'

in a simple test I found that it accepts around 260,000 characters .



I’m hoping Clarion64 will get us up to 4MB in a window caption.


How many monitors and what screen resolution will display all of that? OR is this a virtual window only visible with a VR headset and the user moving their head in a 360 degree horizontal plane movement?

Asking for a friend. :wink: