Clarion2Java - Was this demonstrated on the Youtube ClarionLive channel?

Saw a mention of a Clarion2Java addon, I found the source forge links for it Clarion to Java Compiler download |, but I wondered if this has been demonstrated on the ClarionLive youtube channel and if so, does anyone have a link to that episode?


pre the YouTube days, but he first discussed it here;!112

Also in episode 228, but a recording for that does not appear to be available.

I found episode 228 on that website but didnt know about episode 112. So that explains why I couldnt find anything on the ClarionLive channel on youtube.

It starts at 42:05 on the episode 112 download link so just watching what it in action…

Episode 112 seems to be more focused on the unit testing.
Oh well not to worry, I’ll go through the source on the sourceforge downloaded link.

just found this in my emails:

Join us on Friday, June 3, 2011 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Andrew Barnham Presents Remote Clarion2Java and easy Unit Testing!

I have been working on something very cool in clarion2java space which may be clarionlive worthy.

Although I am running at tangent to the clarion community these days, because of my clarion2java, I am still coding in clarion and I am still developing RAD apps. So things I innovate may be of interest to others to at least see what is possible in a RAD dev environment.

Firstly, I’ve modified clarion2java so it can be run remotely. Exactly the same as [email protected] Currently I am using this as a support tool to access customer software and see what is going on.

More importantly, I have created a unit test system; inspired by David Harm’s recent presentations. But instead of coding unit tests manually, what happens is you use the software normally, and the software writes the unit test as you go along in the background. Like a ‘record’ feature. Then you compile and run the unit test ‘playback’. This tests everything, GUI behaviour, details on the screen, report content and structure etc etc. I’ve got alot of experience with unit test development in java space and I am bringing it across into my clarion2java work-day. An option of recording and playing back means you can build up a test suite without writing a line of software.

The two are architecturally connected : remote access and auto generated tests. Which I can explain in the clarionlive presentation.

also this one (unfortunately the youtube link seems dead now):

Join us on Friday, September 13, 2013 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Webinar ID: 118-270-574
Webinar #228!

Presenter: Andrew Barnham

Andrew has been working on Clarion2Java for some time now, and is now ready to show his Clarion 2 Java IDE! This is an Eclipse based IDE that allows you to write Clarion code and compile it as a Java program. The IDE is absolutely amazing!

For a good overview of what Andrew will be showing, he’s made a YouTube video at .

Also, Dave Harms will be hosting CIDC 2013 on, and he’ll be showing us the many features that will be available to us during the conference!

and this post from the newsgroups may be of interest:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Java based open source implementation of clarion template engine now exists
Date: 6 May 2013 21:51:52 -0400
From: Andrew Barnham [email protected]
Newsgroups: comp.lang.clarion

Hi all

Working on open source IDE for clarion2java. Just pushed through the
hardest part of the project; implementing template generator.

With a couple of caveats, the implementation is able to emit clarion
source code from my project that is byte perfect match for clarions
generator. It takes my app.TXD app.TXA files + libsrc\ and template\
folders and generates source code ready for compiling. Implementation is
not fully complete, some symbols and # commands are not implemented.
But it is complete enough for my needs: able to generate ABC template
chain and a handfull of other templates my project relies on.

Added bonus : generation is significantly faster than clarion 8 IDE.
Full generation is x4 faster. Partial is x2. There is room to optimise
more; but in diminishing returns territory so not pursuing for now.

All source code is available via sourceforge.

Other aspects are going well too. Window editor source editor
integrated into eclipse is going well. Now we know template system back
to front, and know what it can and cannot do, our ambitions overall are
much higher. For example we plan to setup application editor so in a
single IDE you can modify multiple procedures simultaneously.

*Caveats mentioned above.

  1. Order of values in %relation symbol is not deterministic. This
    affects order of AddRelation statements in _BC*.clw files; which is a
    non functional concern and there is a way to force old behaviour my
    manually modifying TXD file. I believe clarion 8 IDE must be storing
    these in a hash table because I cannot figure out any obvious structure
    or pattern to the order and it does not appear to be functional.

  2. I’ve discovered previously when going to clarion 8 that output of clw
    files is non-deterministic and can vary from run to run and this is
    caused by clashing #AT symbol priorities especially in WindowManager
    Init method. Toolbar init would move around inside windowmanager init
    ever since I switched to clarion 8 IDE but it never appeared to cause a
    functional issue so other than frustrating my efforts to use version
    control to double check code changes. My generator is deterministic
    when dealing with clashing priorities and order is controlled by
    control/extension instance ID number + physical order of #AT in a
    control or extension. To get my generator and clarion to align, I had to
    tweak my template chain to enforce unique priority numbers in two #AT
    points on both clarion 8 generator and mine. Again a non functional change.

the links I have for the source code are:

For appgen:

For IDE:

also look at this article in Clarion Magazine:

Compiling Clarion Source To Java Bytecode
By Andrew Barnham
Posted September 23 2010

I think I’ll have to download the JRE and see how it works in the flesh. Thanks anyway!

I checked with Dave Harms and he is happy for me to post the pdf here to save everyone looking for it - thanks Dave!

cmag-2010-09.pdf (490.8 KB)

Thanks for that, it certainly looks like a transpiler or source 2 source compiler, maybe @Bruce was missing out the source2source or trans part of the names? :wink:

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