ClarionHub addin example

This super simple adding puts a new menu item in the IDE help menu.

Save this xml to a file (clarionhub.addin) in %cwroot%\accessory\addins\ and you will have a clarionhub link in your IDE menu!

The result looks like this:

For a more complete/complex example, please see here:


Done that…shows this when I click on that new menu: afbeelding

Hi Piet, can you share here the content of your *.addin file?

However, I suspect the problem you have is related to FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION issues that make the embedded web browser operate in IE7 Standards mode. (see an old blog of mine on the topic)

If my guess is correct your options are:

  • add the X-UA-Compatible meta tag to the web page you are trying to view
  • manually add the registry entry for FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION support for the IDE.
  • Install the addin which applies the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION fix for you.
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