ClarionHub Advertising - now with a poll!

I am playing around with advertising on the site. At the moment I have implemented a plugin for injecting Google AdSense Ads at the top of topic list just to see what happens.

The plugin also has an option to only show ads to users of a particular “trust level”. For example, it could be configured to only show ads to users that are not logged in. At the moment it is set for trust level 2.

What would be more interesting though is more relevant advertising. You know, Clarion related stuff!
If you have any ideas, please add reply or start a discussion. Perhaps a little bit of javascript that shows a random banner in the header? Of course there needs to be a little more traffic here first!

I think the banner ads on topic lists are not too intrusive. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Ads are offline at the moment due to an incompatibility with between the plugin and discourse. A fix likely won’t take long.

Hi Brahn, I think most of us use plugins like ad-block or similar, I don’t think we’ll be able to see any advertisment.
Probably a fixed banner that you change from time to time would be better.


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True, I actually had to disable ad-block while I was testing it :smile:
It is also unlikely that there will be enough traffic here to generate more than a few cents from clicks on google ads but I figured it was worth a try just to see what would happen.
Custom banners might be good but I am not sure about how to manage the payment side. If anyone is interested though I am happy to discuss!

This is perhaps another option if/when it is released:

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I finally got around to removing ads for logged in users when in mobile view. The analytics show that not many use this site from mobile but there are still some.
The revenue from ads is between $2 and $10 or so per month which is not huge but something and I figure it’s at worst a mild encouragement to become a member :slight_smile:

Is there any interest in 3rd Party folks purchasing ad space?
Would logged in members be at all interested in, or at all mind, the occasional sponsered banner post from clarion specific 3rd party vendors?

  • Don’t mind
  • Sounds great!
  • No way!
  • Other (send me a pm are comments below!)

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