ClarionHub in the Windows Store... sort of!

Thanks @MarkGoldberg for the link on Skype today.

The article may have been published a little prematurely but the idea is there. You can create an app using the “the Universal Windows Platform bridge known as Project Westminster” quite easily but you can’t actually publish it yet seeing as the Windows Dev Center doesn’t accept Windows 10 packages, yet :smiley:

Also, the App Manifest Designer in VS 2015 seems to be borked at the moment so altering the certificate and publishing details connected to your app is not real obvious (i.e. I haven’t figured that part out yet!).

Anyway, this is what ClarionHub will look like once all the pieces come together and I can publish it to the app store!

Since you can interact with the OS from the App it would be nice to see toast notifications integrated with the site notifications. There are probably a few other neat things and of course you could install it on your mobile or wherever too!

Update… After receiving the 10166 build of Windows 10 today the taskbar icon now works for the ClarionHub Store app!


Developers working on Windows 10 will have the first opportunity to upload Universal Windows Applications to the Windows Dev Center using production quality Windows 10 tools on July 29th.

I found that quote here:

I saw that from your link it Skype, thanks :slight_smile:
The post also linked to the Building Apps For Windows blog which gives a warning about installing the release of VS2015 before Win10 is released which is worth noting too!

Responding here from within the ClarionHub Windows10 APP
– congrats @brahn

@brahn posted this link in one of the Skype chats

Thanks Mark! Next steps: clean up the icons, fix the login process and see about triggering the OS notifications somehow!