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ClarionHub Update 2022-11-10

Hi everyone.

Some of you may have noticed a batch of outdated emails appearing in your inbox from ClarionHub. This is just a small update as to what is happening here.

As you probably know unfortunately Brahn Partridge passed away last year. Brahn was a remarkable developer and also such a wonderful clarion community champion. He was the one that did all the hard work setting up the ClarionHub.

Obviously with his passing, the hub has been in a kind of limbo where management and infrastructure is concerned. As administrators, Mark Goldberg and myself didn’t want to pressure Brahn’s widow Rebecca, about how we move on after such tragic circumstances.

Earlier in October Rebecca kindly renewed the domain after it expired.

ClarionHub uses SendGrid to send its emails and Brahn had set up the account on the free tier. This eventually led to problems and in the end, emailing stopped working on the hub. We have now subscribed to the 50,000 emails per month level for a year.

It is our intention in the long run to transfer ownership away from Brahn. There are various pieces of this jigsaw that need to fall in place, including domain ownership, hosting platform account etc.

Going forward, we will be looking for new moderators but more importantly help with the infrastructure. The hub is hosted with Digital Ocean and is a docker container.

If you feel you might be able to help, please DO NOT respond here, but reach out to @MarkGoldberg or @Mark_Sarson

We would like to thank you all for making ClarionHub one of the go to places for the Clarion Community. Brahns achievement with this is humbling.

Thank you

Mark Sarson and Mark Goldberg


Thank you both for all your hard work!