ClarionLive UltimateUtilities on Github!

This is not something I have used personally but I hear great things about it and it is exciting to see it now on GitHub.

There is no readme currently but if you use this set of tools perhaps consider contributing something to the repo!

Based on the directory structure this is what you will find:

  • ClarionLiveClassCreator
  • Clarionizer
  • Installer
  • ProcInfo
  • UltimateClass
  • UltimateDebug
  • UltimateNotify
  • UltimatePlaceholder
  • UltimateSQL
  • UltimateTXA
  • UltimateVLB
  • UltimateXML
  • jrtResize

Additional information on the ClarionLive website and don’t forget the webinars where this set of utilities comes from!

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Any more information at all on these utilities? This is the first I have heard of them, and GitHub says that they have been there for around 2 years now.

Some sort of documentation might be handy, because at the moment I have NO idea what these do from the names of the folders?!? :slight_smile:

Perhaps @John_Hickey can assist or if there are others that have used the utilities?
Of course everything you would need to know is in the webinars somewhere but I am not sure which ones. Friday night was always rehearsal/gig night for me and now from Australia the timezone diff makes it hard to attend live :frowning2: