ClarionProperties.xml - is it always located in FOLDERID_RoamingAppData \SoftVelocity \Clarion \[MajorVer]?

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Got a template which needs to read & write to the ClarionProperties.xml file.

Is it safe to assume the clarionproperties.xml will always be located at
where both translate to
and only ever have major version for that particular subfolder?

I cant find anything in the docs to suggest a way to locate the files including ClarionProperties.xml in another location and cant find anything in the registry pointing to this location apart from the debugger so I’m assuming its a hard coded path in the IDE?


I cant find anything in the docs to suggest a way to locate the files including ClarionProperties.xml in another location

Try a search in the Help for ConfigDir and you’ll find an IDE Settings section describing how to relocate the settings to wherever you want them.

You can specify the location via a command line argument in Clarion.exe and ClarionCL

see Help [What’s new in Clarion9]
Clarion.exe /ConfigDir=Foldername

or use the same folder as Clarion.exe
Clarion.exe /ConfigDir

see ClarionCL /?
ClarionCL /ConfigDir=foldername
ClaironCL /ConfigDir

or use the same folder as Clarion.exe
Clarion.exe /ConfigDir

That doesn’t strictly ‘use the same folder as Clarion.exe’ - rather it creates a \Settings folder below %ClarionRoot%\Bin and puts everything below that.

Easiest way to do this modification is to change the Target string on the desktop icon you use to start Clarion eg

C:\CW13505\bin\Clarion.exe /ConfigDir

Will result in config files in C:\CW13505\bin\Settings and subfolders of \Settings

/ConfigDir is a command line setting which I’m aware of, but my Clarion 11 shortcut pinned to the toolbar just has
Target: C:\Clarion11\bin\Clarion.exe
Start In: C:\Clarion11\bin

there isnt any /configdir parameters and like I said above the only reference to a folder with config files is in the registry with the debugger and the switchs
"C:\Clarion11\bin\Cladb.exe" CLARION110.RED -s Debug -c "C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming\SoftVelocity\Clarion\11.0" "C:\Users\[User]\Documents\Clarion11 Work\Library\Library.exe"\
There is no clarion.exe to be found in the windows registry with any command line parameters.

When I type from a dos window,
cladb.exe /?
I get the popup window describing -s is the section list and -c is the configdir.

Clarion.exe /?
typed into a dos windows doesnt do a popup window describing the command line options, and clarioncl.exe /?
displays the command line options in the dos window just like what can be seen in the help page titled ClarionCL.exe<13,10>(Command Line Interface to the Clarion IDE)

So at this stage, I’m still left thinking this FOLDERID_RoamingAppData\SoftVelocity\Clarion\[MajorVer] is some sort of fallback or search location and the search location order is this:

Clarion.exe /ConfigDir=Foldername    (the location specified)
Clarion.exe /ConfigDir               (the same location as the exe)
clarion.exe                          (FOLDERID_RoamingAppData\SoftVelocity\Clarion\[MajorVer])

But as there isnt anything in the docs, and I wanted to be sure before I get a template to start working on the files.