ClarionSemVersion - An opinionated (or is it?!) SemVersion class for Clarion

Thanks to John on Skype (are you here on the 'hub John?) for the handy StrTok and Some code by @Dennis I found on the newsgroups with additional StrTok ideas I present my first attempt at ClarionSemVersion!

See the GitHub Repo - ClarionSemVersion

From the repo


An opinionated SemVersion class for Clarion

Loosely adhering to the spec from

The main purpose is to easily compare two versions in a variety of ways.

SemVer    SemVersion 

IF SemVer.Compare('1.42.3', '=' , '1.42.3')
  Message('Yay, you have the same version!')

IF SemVer.Compare('1.42.0', '<' , '1.42.3')
  Message('Uh oh, your version is older!')

The Comparator supports basic operators: =, <>, ~=, !=, <, >, <=, >=, =<, =>

The class supports a simplified form of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.BUILD version format.
It only support numeric values in each component so for example ‘v1.2.3’ will not work. Similarly, ‘0.0.1-build22’ will likely fail to do what you want.

There is also a Parse method which you can use that might be handy:

SemVer    SemVersion 

  SemVer.Parse(SemVer.version1, '1.12.33')
  Console.WriteLine('major=' & SemVer.version1.major)
  Console.WriteLine('minor=' & SemVer.version1.minor)
  Console.WriteLine('patch=' & SemVer.version1.patch)
  Console.WriteLine('build=' &

This repo contains a few tests in the supplied ClaEvaluate console program. Fire it up and see if you can break something then submit a patch!! :slight_smile:

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Did I use “opinionated” correctly here?
Possibly it is a little presumptuous for such a simple class :slight_smile:

I know a poll!

Is it OK to call this class opinionated? What is your opinion?

  • Yeah
  • Nup
  • Not sure

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Yes, this works with a specific format of a version number but it seems a bit much to call it opinionated (In my opinion :slight_smile: ).

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