Class - Classification Solution

Is this solution somewhere from the creators and may we script itfy it please… Add our scripting solution to it to allow it to be driven by scripting as the Clarion IDE class viewer get lost in our projects thanks…

Source code for it would be great and hopefully it does not use third party controls Hopefully source is a nice class with interfaces.

we have over loaded the Clarion IDE with classes and interfaces and goes AWOL.


ClasifyIt is created by OhnoSoft

You can contact John or Mary via Clarion live or via the ohnoSoft web site.

I do know that the software uses quite a few of our (noyantis) Wrapper Templates as well as a series of Codejock OCX controls.

I hope this helps,



Ok we have found some old code from one of our early scripting models and will try to use that instead… many thanks…