Classes not recognised as ABC compliant ... Can't see why not (?!)


I have some classes that are not listed by the AB Class Viewer.

For example; jmPrintFromQ … as defined in .INC/.CLW attachments below.

Not listed … image

jmABCExt.CLW (2.7 KB) jmABCExt.INC (1.6 KB)

Any suggestions ?

TiA - John M

Assuming you’ve put the files in %ClarionRoot%\Libsrc\Win and hit ‘Refresh ABC Classes’ then they are present - just not quite where you’re looking for them :slight_smile:

You’ve used a lower case j and m so your classes are listed at the end and not between classes beginning with upper case I and L - see image…


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Hi @Graham_Dawson

Just a small correction. The recomended place for anything other than SV classes since V7 is %ClarionRoot%\Accessory\LibSrc\Win.



Yes you’re right of course, missed that :slight_smile:

You can add your own folders
see SV.IDE > Tools > Options > Clarion > Clarion for Windows > Version > Tab[General]
there is a list of “Directories scanned for ABC Classes”

which is persisted in the %ConfigDir%\ClarionProperties.xml
inside of each Clarion Version see the <libsrc value="...." />
for a ; delimited list of folders


Aha !!! … Many thanks, Graham ; That had not occurred to me.

Yes - That’s what I’m doing … To separate my stuff from all the “other crud” !

Regards, John M